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Click HERE to watch interviews with current and past parents, Head of School Mary Lou Cobb and alumni as they discuss their impressions of Montessori and The Cobb School.

Click below to watch our weekly videos that provide a window into our world at The Cobb School, Montessori. 

This is us.  Who we are. 

This is us. Who we are. In our natural habitat. No photoshop, no staging, no secrets. All day long, every day, a million moments. Welcome to The Cobb School. Please enjoy a window into our world.

Study the past if you would define the future. Confucius

While traditional schools squeeze social studies from their curricula and increase their focus on math and language test preparation, Montessori schools continue their commitment promoting global studies, including a deep and wide investigation of geography, history, world civilizations, and more. Mystery History Day is just one way social studies lives on at The Cobb School. 

Our Nest: A home-before-home 

Our after-school program, The Nest, is an unequivocal gem of The Cobb School. Thanks to Mollie Smith and her colleagues, Amy Brown, Gabby von Paternos, and Ashley Pons, The Nest is our children’s home-before-home. The first ingredient in the recipe? Simply liking the children. How easy is that?

A Love Like No Other 

Grandparents' & Special Friends' Day at The Cobb School comes only once a year, but these special people in our children's lives sustain them (and us) for the other 364. Thank you to our loving grandparents and friends: those who could attend our event and those who could not. You are "Wonderful! Wonderful!"

One of our fall stories 

On October 5th The Cobb School community rallied for its annual Country Fair. This Cobb School event is all about the children. Thank you to everyone who attended, and special thanks to our volunteers. Please enjoy this video of highlights from the big day.

I'd go out on the ocean 

Every year our Upper Elementary head into the world for an overnight adventure. This year our daring explorers traveled to Mystic Seaport. Please enjoy this collection of pictures from their “going out” into the world! 


We must believe the child is capable of great work. These photos illustrate the awesome work accomplished by the small hands in a Montessori environment. This begins with a deep and very real belief in the child.

Till There Was You 

The start of the school year presents hundreds of opportunities to connect. The most powerful connections at The Cobb School are between the teachers and their students. Sometimes it seems like the world starts to spin in new and wonderful ways when these bonds are formed. Please enjoy this week's video of our teachers and students connecting.

More Than a School 

The Cobb School, Montessori offers more than a strong academic education. It works earnestly, steadily, with great kindness and patience to support students' social growth. This endeavor begins with the notion of "community." And that begins with our families. Please enjoy our first video of the year, capturing OUR COMMUNITY. We are more than a school. We are a community committed to the healthy mind, body and spirit of every child.

The Year in Review, 2012-2013 

It has been a tremendous year. It’s impos- sible to capture all we’ve experienced and accomplished. We hope this video pro- vides just a taste of life in 2012-2013. Our “Year in Review” is dedicated to Gerry Leonard and Joan Gwillim. Special thanks also go to Mark Hilsdon and Duffy Westhead for their contributions to Cobb this year. Bets of luck to our teach- ers who are off to their next adventures! Thank you for all you do and are!

For Willem

On Wednesday, with the help of Betsy van Gemeren and Cobb School alums, the UEL celebrated Willem, who died with his father in a plane crash on August 3, 2005. Next Tuesday the Cobb community will come together to enjoy its annual Willem & Niels' van Gemeren Picnic and Fathers' Field Day. This video provides a window into this week's celebration of Willem. On that sad day The Cobb School lost two treasured members of its community, but our memories of Willem and Niels will live on forever.



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